Hancock County, kentucky

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Historic Homes

The Pate House
Pate House

Located along the Ohio River between Hawesville and Lewisport is the Squire Samuel Pate House, built of hewn logs in 1822.  The original seven room house has been expanded over the year.

In the spring of 1827 Abraham Lincoln was tried for operating a ferry across the Ohio River without a license. The case - "The Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Abraham Lincoln" - was tried in the east room of the log house before Squire Pate, the presiding Justice of the Peace for the County.

After a short trial, the warrant against the young Lincoln was dismissed as the future president won his first law case.

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Emmick Home
Emmick Home

Located between Lewisport and Hawesville in the Troy Bend area of Hancock County, off KY 334 on the Emmick Landing Road, the Emmick Home overlooks the beautiful Ohio River.

This is the home built by George Emmick and his wife, Letetia Askins in 1854. Bricks were made on the farm by slave labor.

The house remains in the possession of the Emmick family and has been restored and had various period outbuildings added.  Open to the public from May 21 - June 26, 2011.  For more information call Natasha Kolar, (916)335-6939.

Hayden House
Hayden House

In 1857 Issac B. Hayden built the Old Hayden House, located at Fourth Street and the Riverport in Lewisport.  Mr. Hayden owned a large merchandise store that stood nearby.  He was married to Annie Moreton Hayden, and was the father of Hal and Bess Hayden, whose handprints can be seen in the concrete wherre the frame addition was added to the home in 1917.  This ancestral home, with its fourteen rooms and four baths, is considered a Victorian masterpiece.

The long porches on the back and side provide a picturesque view of the Ohio River.